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RF Safety Training

All training for RF Safety Solutions is prepared and conducted by Richard Strickland, a recognized RF safety expert. Training is prepared to meet the specific requirements of your organization, its personnel, and their work environment. Whether you work in the wireless industry, radio or television broadcasting, satellite communications, military systems, or industrial settings, the training is configured to address the potential RF hazards that you are likely to encounter and the backgrounds of the students.

We have partnered with the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) to train their many members throughout the world. We have also worked with major military contractors on projects as diverse as maritime communications systems, synthetic and phased-array radars, and communications systems onboard nuclear submarines; industrial companies such as those in semiconductor processing; and service companies that are often faced with going on rooftops covered with antennas that they know little about.

Live Training

Training experts universally concur that there is no substitute for live, interactive training when it is well-prepared and conducted by an instructor with a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. RF Safety Solutions pioneered live training via the Internet in 2004 and has since conducted courses for numerous organizations using this approach. For most organizations, RF Safety LiveCast™ is by far the least expensive approach to train your personnel yet is very close to onsite training in terms of effectiveness. Students at various locations can be simultaneously trained and interact with the instructor and their fellow students. When questions are asked—which is a sure sign that the students are engaged and learning—Richard is fully capable of answering virtually any question on RF safety that might come up. Of course, the same semicustom content can be delivered live on site when desired. None of the training from RF Safety Solutions are like the typical industry courses—canned courses taught by someone with a modest knowledge of the subject matter while reading from a script prepared by someone else.

The result? Students who are trained by Richard Strickland understand and can apply what they have learned to real-world situations that they may face in the future.

Computer-Based Training

The alternative to the live training options is to use computer-based training (CBT). CBT can be conducted using a training CD or via the Internet. It is appropriate under certain conditions, but is generally not as effective as live training by an expert. The major advantage here is scheduling since each student works at his or her own pace and time schedule. CBT generally does not satisfy the training requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), nor the training methods promoted by major standards organizations.

Our new training Web site has even more information on RF safety training, including course descriptions. We now offer public sessions of our most popular LiveCast courses. If you are the only person that requires training, or you have a group of five or fewer people, these public courses are an ideal solution. Simply click on the RF Safety Training button on the left to find out more or to register online.