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RF Personal Monitors

RF personal monitors are often a very important component of an organization’s RF safety program. There are some situations, such as when climbing a tower with FM radio and/or television antennas, where personnel should always wear an RF personal monitor. In other situations or sites, monitors are not always needed as long as the personnel have received proper RF safety training. But even personnel who use monitors should receive safety training. Simply responding to a monitor’s “beep” without understanding why can cost companies time and money. In many cases, properly trained personnel will require fewer monitors. The savings in hardware costs will more than offset any training costs.


RF Safety Solutions recommends the Nardalert XT RF personal monitor. When worn on the body, the Nardalert XT is very accurate from 100 kHz to 100 GHz with all types of signal formats. This frequency range includes everything you are likely to ever encounter. Nothing else comes close to matching its bandwidth. It has a more than 70 percent share of the overall market for good reason. In addition to being the most accurate, it has several features that other monitors lack. The RadMan is the second-largest selling monitor. It does a decent job of protecting the wearer, but it tends to be both oversensitive and static sensitive. There are many occasions when workers have been forced to stop work unnecessarily because of this. The RadMan also lacks several of the Nardalert XT’s features, and since equivalent models are priced identically, the decision seems simple to us.

Extras from RF Safety Solutions

If you buy a Nardalert XT from RF Safety Solutions, we can often save you money. We also include a proprietary training CD at no additional cost. It includes everything that is in the manual plus several valuable tips that are not in the manual.

More Information

We try to keep the most popular model, the A8862, and the cases in stock.