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RF Safety Equipment

RF Safety Equipment can be divided into three categories.

  • Survey Instruments. Survey instruments are used to measure the field strength at a particular location. In most designs, there is a separate meter and a “probe.” The probe is the sensor. It may connect directly to the meter or to the meter via a short cable. This is the type of equipment needed to make accurate measurements. The accuracy of those measurements significantly depends on your choice of equipment and how you use it. See RF Survey Equipment for more information on design, selection, and use of survey instruments.
  • Monitoring Equipment. RF monitoring equipment falls into two categories: personal monitors and area monitors. Personal monitors are far more popular, but area monitors are ideal for certain applications. See RF Personal Monitors and RF Area Monitors for information on design, selection, and use of RF monitors.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Think “RF Suit” or RF protective garment when you think of RF PPE. A personal monitor is designed to tell you where you cannot go (due to high RF fields). RF protective suits are designed to allow you to work in areas with high RF fields when it is not practical to shut down the transmitter(s). See RF Protective Garments for information on the use of and cautions for RF protective garments.

RF Safety Solutions can help you determine what equipment, if any, is right for you. We can train your personnel to not only understand RF safety issues, but work safely in potentially hazardous RF environments. We can also train your personnel to comfortably conduct and document RF safety surveys. Contact us.