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About Us

Capabilities & Qualifications

RF Safety Solutions is a safety management and scientific consulting firm focused on radio frequency (RF) safety. Whether your main concern is personnel safety, regulatory compliance, or reduction of liability and risk, RF Safety Solutions can help you.

The company is headed by Richard Strickland, a recognized expert on RF safety with experience and knowledge far beyond the wireless industry. Richard has more than 16 years experience in all aspects of RF safety. He has developed RF safety programs, conducted RF surveys, and prepared RF safety reports, and conducted training for a number of major wireless communications, broadcasting, industrial, utility, and military systems companies, as well as the U.S government. He brings a unique combination of skills to all his clients―the ability to understand the whole picture while still handling small details, the ability to communicate at all levels, and the integrity to always put the best interests of the client first.

Prior to his work in RF safety, Richard worked on a broad variety of both military and commercial systems, including several types of high-power RF sources. He learned electronics at the practical, hands-on level while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard before becoming the highest-ranked physics student at his college and then finishing with an advanced degree in business. The result of this diverse background is the ability to understand a very broad variety of technical systems, to ask the important questions when evaluating potential hazards, and be able to uncover any potential hazards. The combination of broad practical experience, scientific training, and education and experience as a business executive allows Richard to evaluate and communicate in a manner than is effective for both non-technical executives and technical personnel alike. An accomplished writer, as judged by his numerous technical articles and his column “Spotlight on RF Safety” in Radio World magazine, Richard is very conscious of good communications. That is why all reports are professionally edited for clarity.