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Nardalert RF Personal Monitors

Nardalert XT Monitors

The Nardalert XT is available in 13 models. Seven of these models are suitable for use in the United States and are available from RF Safety Solutions. (We do not sell the models designed to conform to Canada’s Safety Code 6 and the ICNIRP standard.) All the monitors operate from 100 kHz to 100 GHz except for the 8861 series.

  • The “A” series have frequency response characteristics that closely match the FCC’s Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) limits for Occupational/Controlled exposure.
  • The “B” series have frequency response characteristics that closely match the IEEE regulation’s MPE limits for occupational environments and the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) for occupational environments.

Available Models

  • Models A8862 and B8862 are the basic models without data logging.
  • Models A8860 and B8860 have data-logging capability.
  • Models A8861 and B8861 are specifically designed for use near very strong power line fields that can cause interference with the other models. The typical customers for these models are power utility companies that service wireless services antennas on their power line towers. The 8861 series have a reduced frequency range that makes them insensitive at the AM radio band, a byproduct of the filtering added to reduce the interference caused by strong, 60-Hertz fields These models are more expensive than others, so they are only appropriate if you need this feature.
  • Model A8864 is the high-power model. This monitor is worn on the outside of an RF protective garment to warn the wearer when he or she approaches RF field levels that may be too high even with the protective garment.


The Nardalert XT has two different types of mounting clips that are standard and two types of optional soft cases. One of these soft cases is designed to attach to a safety harness. There have been countless numbers of monitors dropped while climbing towers, and this is by far the best solution available to securely attach a monitor while climbing. You should not climb a tower without this inexpensive accessory.

The Model 8865 Interface Kit is used to download and analyze logged data. If data logging is important to you, you will need one of these kits. You only need one kit even if you have several monitors.

The Nardalert XT data sheet provides complete specifications.

FREE Training CD

Not only are our prices for Nardalerts as low as anywhere else, but included with every order for Nardalert XT RF personal monitors is a free proprietary training CD. This CD covers everything in the manual plus recommendations from RF safety expert Richard Strickland, who headed the team that developed the Nardalert XT, decided on all its features, and wrote the manual.

The training CD is in PowerPoint format but is packaged with all the drivers necessary to automatically play on any computer using the Windows™ operating system.

We Can Help

Call us at 631-698-6765 if you would like to discuss the requirements for your application, get price and delivery information, or to place an order.  You can also submit a request electronically—contact us.

We try to keep the most popular model, the A8862, and the cases in stock.